The Empower Pacific Vimla Reddy Day Care Centre was established by the Hope International Church and transitioned to being auspiced by Empower Pacific in 2012. 

The Centre is a long day care facility for 3-5 year olds and while it is open to all, it was developed to meet the needs of low income families and single parents. The start of the centre was inspired by the sad story of a young girl who burned to death after being left locked in her house alone while her single mother went to work. A not-for-profit organization, the day care centre charges minimal fees, starting from just $10 a week, which are based on parental income and financial situation.

The building for the centre is kindly provided by Mr and Mrs Y P Reddy, and donations from local and international benefactors provide the centre with toys, learning equipment and play equipment. The staff work extremely hard to provide a high quality standard of care, including a strong focus on learning and child development. The centre was recently selected as a “model centre” for nutritional standards and learning about healthy living.  The kids learn to prepare and eat healthy food, grow vegetables in the centre garden and get lots of fresh air and exercise.  

The centre has capacity for 60 kids at a time and has a waiting list of kids waiting to come there, not just because it is affordable, but because the kids love to play and learn with the dedicated teaching staff.