Required Documents

There are some documentation requirements that the client would need to provide in order to be assessed for the loan. Details can be obtained through project field officers.




Loan Assessments

All loan assessment go through a strict approval process with final approval being provided by a Loans Committee. Once approved to access a loan all clients are required to undergo a Entrepreneurship, Business Skills and Financial Literacy Training before loan disbursement and business setup.  Loans are guaranteed through a third party guarantor produced by the client before a loan can be disbursed.



Loan Terms

Loan terms are based on the nature of business and the repayment capacity of the client taking into account household incomes and projected business profit. Our project field officers provide support through individual mentoring and follow-up on a periodic basic through phone calls and site visits to ensure the successful running of the businesses and collect repayments

Eligible candidates who qualify for the Rural Credit Scheme can visit our office branches and see a project field officer or contact us through the contact details provided on the Contact Us page.