Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) is an integral part of an organisations
Health & Safety

Putting People First      

EAP Empower Pacific partners with organisations to deliver quality professional services that focus on employee wellbeing, resilience and improving workplace productivity.

Our EAP philosophy is to provide effecting strategies to assist employees to:

  • Overcome personal and work problems that have impacted on their performance and daily quality of life
  • Promote employee loyalty and staff retention
  • Provide incentives for staff to take great responsibility for their own workplace performance and behaviour
  • Provide a supportive confidential framework to assist employees to recognise and understand underlying issues affecting their well being 
  • Learn new skills and make concrete positive changes in their coping strategies

How does EAP Empower Pacific Work?
One to one counselling

We assist companies to promote EAP in thier organisation so all employees are aware of EAP services. Everyone experiences difficulties in life, and EAP is there to support employees and students to recover and perform at their best.

Most employees self-refer to access an EAP appointment, normally at the nearest branch of Empower Pacific, but this may be negotiated otherwise. HR Managers also support employees to access the EAP services. In emergency situations, on-site services are available. Normally up to three counselling sessions are offered depending on the agreement with the company.


The confidentiality of employees and students who participate in counselling, is the cornerstone of EAP professional counselling ethics. 
Employees/students receiving EAP counselling are informed about the scope and limits of confidentiality at the time of initial contact.
Any information regarding employees/students who access EAP counselling will be treated with strictest confidence

You Helping Fiji

EAP Empower Pacific is a social enterprise, an entity of Empower Pacific national not for profit charity, supporting services to all vulnerable groups in our Fiji community and across the Pacific.

When you contract EAP Empower Pacific you know your money not only supports your employees and contributes to a productive work environment but also contributes to social support services in Fiji.

Empower Pacific’s mission is to work with vulnerable individuals and communities in mental health care, safe family initiatives, suicide prevention, poverty alleviation and promotion in social and economic development.


Empower Pacific can provide a number of pricing options depending on the needs and size of each organisation. Service Reports are sent to companies outlining the service and feedback from all clients.
Fee Options can include: 
 Annual Subscription providing counselling and training services at discounted rates: 

  • Per counselling service
  • Per Critical Incident Debrief for small groups
  • Per Group Training session. Fees linked to session time length

Critical Incident Debrief and Group Training

Our EAP counsellors are experienced in critical incident debriefs, usually follow a very difficult situation which has left groups of employees or students struggling. Our team responds quickly to requests from organisations. A Debrief session is about one and a half hours long and enables small groups to share emotions, thoughts and worries using a strength based counselling approach and discussions to explore various coping and self-care strategies.
In addition, our trained EAP facilitators have a number of established group training packages and can tailor workshops to specific organisational needs particularly in communications and

Our EAP Counsellors 

Our counsellors are trained from Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC) and are eligible to be members of Australian Counsellors Association (ACA).
All EAP counsellors have a Diploma of Counselling, additional specialist and training qualifications, and more than 5 years’ experience in the field.
EAP Empower Pacific have a robust clinical supervision structures in place as a measure to maximize the quality and sustainability of the service.
To keep abreast of new developments in Counselling, the organization invests in the counsellors to attend various workshops and trainings.