Psychosocial Support in Disasters

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Responding effectively to the psychosocial needs of vulnerable people in a crisis works best when the responding people are prepared, trained, experienced and equipped.

Empower Pacific has a team of certified disaster response crisis counselors specifically prepared to deliver a coordinated psychosocial response in times of crisis.  Empower Pacific has also provided Psychological First Aid in Disasters training to almost 200 first response field workers in all Divisions of Fiji.  

In a Disaster situation we work closely with Government and Non-Government coordinating agencies to deliver immediate Psychological First Aid and Trauma Counselling to impacted communities, as well as group education sessions, specialist children's support services in communities and schools, and ongoing counselling and social work to support healthy recovery.  Our disaster response work aims to both address the immediate trauma, and prevent the common longer term negative impacts of crises including increased violence, risks to vulnerable children, substance abuse and community conflicts.

After the 2012 Floods and the 2013 Cyclone we greatly appreciate the support of NZ Aid Programme in being able to access specialist training services, fund training for other agencies in the sector, provide hands on counselling services in impacted areas and schools, and provide small business loans to people who were disaster affected to assist them to rebuild their lives in a sustainable way.