Social Work

Empower Pacific social workers support people to make decisions to enable them to overcome difficulties they are facing.  Social Workers can provide information for people to know what is available to help them and how to get it.  Empower Pacific social workers can provide a link to targeted services which assist people in meeting their financial, family, social and personal needs.

Social Workers help clients plan what they can and should do in certain situations, and work hard to ensure the safety of their clients is a priority.  Social workers are bound by confidentiality and work within professional boundaries to respect the wishes of their clients as they work alongside them to develop goals which best work for them.

Social workers may work with individuals, couples, families, children, community groups and also work closely with the Ministry of Health, Department of Social Welfare and other community agencies to provide support to those in need.   

Services for Men

Empower Pacific provides support to men who wish to understand the changes taking place during their partners pregnancy and how that may impact their relationship.  Ways of keeping the mother and other children safe and healthy are raised in the program.

Assistance can be provided in maintaining mental, emotional and sexual health during this time.

Empower Pacific also provides support to men who wish to change the way they may behave towards their partners, children or other relatives.

Our counselling and Social Work services are free of charge and available from our centres in Labasa, Lautoka, Nadi and Suva.  Outreach services can be provided in other areas.

All services are confidential and provided by qualified counsellors and social workers.